Respect…(Just a Little Bit)

By the time you read this, there is a strong possibility the shutdown will be least for a set period of time. Inevitably, there will be those who feel disappointed by their Representatives because they either "gave up" too soon or were "too stubborn" to come to the negotiation table. It is only natural … Continue reading Respect…(Just a Little Bit)

Debt Ceiling Stick-up?

With him being a former professor who taught constitutional law, I am constantly astonished when our President uses imagery that makes constitutional actions by Congress look more like back-alley thievery. As many teachers and professors understand, vivid imagery makes topics come to life, and can grow larger in the student's mind than the actual text of the topic … Continue reading Debt Ceiling Stick-up?

The Pillars of Our Republic

As I was going through and doing some of my daily reading yesterday, I came across an article that sparked some thought and reflection. The article was written as a tribute to Rush Limbaugh on his twentieth anniversary of broadcasting by former NRA president Sandy Froman. What caught my attention was the opening remark which … Continue reading The Pillars of Our Republic