The Economy of Character

With less than three weeks left until the election, John McCain finds himself in an uphill battle to win the presidency. Coming out of the Republican convention with incredible momentum and energy, his campaign squandered their competitive advantage by playing defensively. Additionally, the economy then took a turn for the worse. With trends holding true, … Continue reading The Economy of Character

The Day the Hare beat the Tortoise to the Oval Office

Obama resembles the Hare in the story of the Tortoise and the Hare  (1). Having entered the national scene just four short years ago as a keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Obama’s rise defies the tradition norms of presidential selection. In the well-known children’s story, the slower Tortoise won the race against … Continue reading The Day the Hare beat the Tortoise to the Oval Office

Connect the Dots: The Presidential Edition

By playing Connect the Dots, pictures are revealed that otherwise would not be. Currently the parties and the candidates are in a struggle to create an image of the other that reveals a picture to the American people. Over the course of this campaign, each side has been connecting the dots for the voters to … Continue reading Connect the Dots: The Presidential Edition

The Presidential American Idol

To make it to the top of either Arthur Schlesinger Sr. or Clinton Rossiter’s scale of presidential greatness (1), a president must serve in “great times” (1). For Schlesinger and Rossiter, “great times” translates typically into crisis or trial. The saying goes that only in times of great trial are men’s true character revealed. Accordingly, … Continue reading The Presidential American Idol

High Upon the Presidential Trapeze

In many ways being President is like a performer high upon the trapeze, one wrong step and the whole show will come to a crashing halt. We reflect this understanding of the presidency in the rules and principles we use to judge Presidents. We also instinctively judge whether presidential candidates and their running mates can … Continue reading High Upon the Presidential Trapeze

Obama or McCain: Who Will Top the Best-Seller’s List

Over the past two weeks we have seen Barack Obama and John McCain taking turns telling the nation their story. For a week in Denver, Obama and his fellow Democratic used the Democratic National Convention to reinforce his image as an agent of change. They also used it to present Americans a unified Democratic party … Continue reading Obama or McCain: Who Will Top the Best-Seller’s List

Alaska’s Slap Shot.

Many commentators in the news are calling John McCain’s VP selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as a “game-changer” (1). Taking a casual look over Palin’s resume confirms that she potentially brings to the campaign many valuable assets. First, she is a Governor rather than a Senator. This brings to the ticket the experience of an … Continue reading Alaska’s Slap Shot.