Respect…(Just a Little Bit)

By the time you read this, there is a strong possibility the shutdown will be least for a set period of time. Inevitably, there will be those who feel disappointed by their Representatives because they either "gave up" too soon or were "too stubborn" to come to the negotiation table. It is only natural … Continue reading Respect…(Just a Little Bit)

Debt Ceiling Stick-up?

With him being a former professor who taught constitutional law, I am constantly astonished when our President uses imagery that makes constitutional actions by Congress look more like back-alley thievery. As many teachers and professors understand, vivid imagery makes topics come to life, and can grow larger in the student's mind than the actual text of the topic … Continue reading Debt Ceiling Stick-up?

A Half-Slice Compromise

In many ways not unexpected, I awoke this morning to the news that Republicans and Democrats came to a last minute agreement to avoid the impending government shutdown (Click here for information concerning the agreement). For the numerous military and government employed families, they can breathe a little easier knowing that they will not have … Continue reading A Half-Slice Compromise

The Party of Travel Planners…Or Tour Guides?

Sarah Palin has been getting a lot of flack recently. Flack for her TV show. Flack for her daughter being on dancing with the stars. Flack for going against the Republican establishment. Now flack comes with the job of being a public figure involved in politics. And often the pundits and political leaders disking out … Continue reading The Party of Travel Planners…Or Tour Guides?

Adnan Barqawi, Ronald Reagan, and America

Just this past Saturday, the Republican Party of Virginia held its State Convention to nominate its candidates for the 2009 Virginia Gubernatorial race. During the convention, the party delegates heard from all of its candidates, shinning among them their candidate for Governor, Bob McDonnell. There was even an appearance made by Sean Hannity. Later in … Continue reading Adnan Barqawi, Ronald Reagan, and America