The Fourth of July: “What do these American stones mean?”

As I walked around the base of Capitol Hill this past Friday and I looked down the national lawn, I thought about the significance of the 4th of July. Thinking about the monuments that line the city itself, my mind wandered to a story about the Hebrew leader Joshua. In the book of Joshua, we … Continue reading The Fourth of July: “What do these American stones mean?”

The Stuffing of Thanksgiving

For the last day and a half, I have been pondering the idea of Thanksgiving as a holiday. Most people understand it as a day to show gratefulness for the many good things we enjoy. We also understanding it as a day of fellowship with family and friends, often accompanied by turkey and stuffing. But … Continue reading The Stuffing of Thanksgiving

Restoring Honor – 8/28

As if on cue, three minutes before 10:00 am three geese flew in formation down the length of the reflecting pool towards the Lincoln Memorial. And with the precision of an ordered military flyover, a whole flock in a perfect V then performed the same flyover to the roaring applause of the crowd. With nature … Continue reading Restoring Honor – 8/28

Images and George Washington

I wonder sometimes if we today in the United States actually possess an accurate image of who the Founding Fathers were and what they believed. Probably though one founder who is closest in image to reality is George Washington. But even then, I believe we view an image that suffers pale colors from years of … Continue reading Images and George Washington