Restoring Honor – 8/28

As if on cue, three minutes before 10:00 am three geese flew in formation down the length of the reflecting pool towards the Lincoln Memorial. And with the precision of an ordered military flyover, a whole flock in a perfect V then performed the same flyover to the roaring applause of the crowd. With nature … Continue reading Restoring Honor – 8/28

Adnan Barqawi, Ronald Reagan, and America

Just this past Saturday, the Republican Party of Virginia held its State Convention to nominate its candidates for the 2009 Virginia Gubernatorial race. During the convention, the party delegates heard from all of its candidates, shinning among them their candidate for Governor, Bob McDonnell. There was even an appearance made by Sean Hannity. Later in … Continue reading Adnan Barqawi, Ronald Reagan, and America

America’s Strength of Diversity

Getting home from the wedding late last night, I proceeded to join millions of American in watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic games. I was disappointed to realize that I had missed the United States athletes entering the stadium. Curious to find out how they looked and even curious as to who became the … Continue reading America’s Strength of Diversity