Restoring Honor – 8/28

As if on cue, three minutes before 10:00 am three geese flew in formation down the length of the reflecting pool towards the Lincoln Memorial. And with the precision of an ordered military flyover, a whole flock in a perfect V then performed the same flyover to the roaring applause of the crowd. With nature having commenced with its commanded run, the Restoring Honor Rally officially began.

As I stood among the crowds accented with American flags t-shirts and apparel, I knew deep within me that this was America before me. From small town folks to large city dwellers, I couldn’t help but to be touched by the lengths these people had gone through to be here, sacrificing their hard-earned resources to proclaim their unabashed patriotism, and more importantly, their faith in God. Their mere presence represented a simple but profound declaration.

The Restoring Honor Rally

Restoring Honor. That was the theme of the day and Glenn Beck made sure no one forgot it. Stepping beyond his occupational role, Mr. Beck stood simply as an American concerned about his country. While it might be dispiriting to watch the media’s persistent portrayal of Mr. Beck as nothing more than a TV performer, the media did that once before to an actor named Reagan.

So what did “restoring honor” mean? As the day progressed, it became clear what it meant: Love of country, love of freedom, respect for our men and women in uniform, honoring everyday heroes, charity to others, and most importantly, turning back to God.

Reciting the words of Lincoln, Mr. Beck proclaimed, “The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” And the people signaled through their actions that they understood. From the subways to the crowds on the lawn, few rushed for fear of bumping or shoving anyone else. Tempers flaring were scarce, if present at all. An almost tangible spirit of respect permeated the atmosphere. They carried themselves in a manner that would consecrate the words spoken that day.

Walking away from the rally, I had to reflect on what I had just experienced. For a moment in time, Americans from all across the nation came to Washington to stand side by side. They came not to protest, but to stand in the gap. They came not to condemn, but to remind. They came to remind America that she is not her own. That liberty is the gift of a Creator to whom we must again entrust our future.

Mr. Beck reminded those in attendance that inscribed at the top of the Washington Monument is the Latin phrase, “Laus Deo.” Translated, it means “Praise be to God.” I believe this is the heart of Saturday’s rally. But even more importantly, I believe this is the heart of America. With “a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence,” our Founding Fathers’ commenced the great American experiment over 200 years ago. And it will be firm reliance on divine Providence that will ensure liberty lives on for the generations to come.

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