“Roger That”

At the Republican National Convention, a video tribute was aired for Master at Arms Second Class, Michael Monsoor. Michael served as a Navy SEAL over in Iraq. Under the extreme conditions of his missions, his conduct and service was exemplary. On what would be his final mission, Michael protected his teammates by using his own body to shield them from the deadly blast of an enemy’s grenade. He died a short time later.

The video was powerful because in Michael’s actions we saw best of human, and might I say American, qualities: Loyalty, Service, Love of Teammate and Love of Country, I can’t imagine that there was a dry eye anyway after that tribute. Michael’s devotion to his country and fellow teammates defines American men and women throughout history. As long as old glory has flown, there have been men and women willing to lay it all on the line so that others could know freedom and liberty. I am sure, Michael has reaffirmed that your and my faith in our country is not ill held. God bless America.

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