Education Alterative

Reagan stated, “In America we created at the local level and administered at the local level for many years the greatest public school system in the world. Now through something called federal aid to education, we have something called federal interference, and education has been the loser. Quality has declined as federal intervention nhas increased…Control of education should be returned to local school districts.”

Could this be a step in the rigth direction?

A Conservative Alternative to No Child Left Behind
by Robert B. Bluey

One thought on “Education Alterative

  1. Conservatives (Republicans) keep loosing ground. This is a perfect example, Republicans used to be for abolishing the Department of Education. They felt the Federal Government had no right granted to it by the Constitution to be involved in education. Also the idea of fifty states doing fifty different things in respect to education was a good thing because not all education in all fifty states would fail at the same time. They could also get ideas from the other states on things that were working really well.

    This principle works in a lot more areas than just education.

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