Tolerance or Conformity?

Ronald Reagan once said, “I have come to realize that a great many so-called liberals aren’t liberals-they will defend to the death your right to agree with them.”

The same liberals of Reagan’s day are still active today. A report broke today that top U.S. military officer General Pace made known that he believes that homosexual acts are immoral just as adultery. As a result from General Pace’s statements, “The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a nonprofit group that represents military personnel affected by the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, demanded Tuesday that Pace apologize for his remarks.” (CNN) My question is why should he apologies for his personal opinion, which is just that, a personal opinion. Today there are groups that will defend any type of left wing, progressive speech by citing the First Amendment, yet will immediately attack anyone else who makes a remark which they find offensive to their cause. General Pace has the right to state what he believe is in the best interest of the military. If another General had come out and supported a change in policy favoring homosexuals, he would have been praised. As it is, General Pace is beginning criticized for expressing a perfectly valid opinion. Liberals profess openness and tolerance, yet they are the first in many instances to be intolerant of other opinions and demand for them to keep their thoughts to themselves.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines tolerance as, “a: sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own b: the act of allowing something” ( Clearly in this situation General Pace’s view have not been indulged. If it were up to some, they would not even have been allowed. Despite all of the left’s talk about tolerance, it sounds like they operate more from the definition of conformity than tolerance. There are clearly defined positions that can and cannot be express and those who step outside of those limits receive the swift rod of the enlightened media to rein them back into conformity. Tolerance has never been so strict.

CNN article: Top general: Remarks on gays were ‘personal moral views’

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